Steel dent repair

All steel dent repair tools, accessories and spotter welders you need to properly auto body repair. Steel dent pulling.

Spotter welders for dent repair

Desabolladora super spotter

SUPER SPOTTER, Compact machine that reduce the cost of the repair, avoiding disassemble the inner parts, simplifying repair.

Equipo de soldadura Spotter

SPOTTER TSD3465, Multifunction machine for body car repair. Allows welding with nails, rivets, stars, washers, and waved wire. Option trolley RP211

Equipo para desabollar la carrocería TSD270

SPOT TSD270, máquinas ideales para el desabollado en carrocería. Dos modelos, de 270A y 390A. Equipos multifunción que se convierten en una herramienta completa y polivalente.

Equipo de soldadura spotter 450

SPOTTER TSD450,Multifunction Steel Dnt Repair portable spotter. Extremely versatile equipement for car body shops. Supplied with a multifunction gun with 1600 mm. cable and ground clamp with 1400 mm. cable

Equipo para desabollar la carrocería TSD390

SPOT TSD390. Ideal machines for dent pulling and straightening of low thickness.
car body elements. Multifuntional and efective for many aplications.
Two models 270A and 390A. Kit RPCA100 included

Equipo para desabollar la carrocería TSD3900

TSD 390 PRO. Steel Dent Pulling 400V y 3800A. No need to select the welding current and welding time.
2 Multi functional guns (2m, 70 mm² cables with connector) and earth cable,

Estación de trabajo acero TSD STEELCAR PRO

TSD STEEL CAR PRO. Steel dent repair workstation          
This Working station is complete of all tools for dent pulling in steel,

Carro de soldadura por puntos TSD3484TSD 3484. Universal welding station with hand operated gun. Double program for simultaneus connection of two tools.

Equipo de soldadura por resistencia Tecsolda TSD 3487 SPOT AIR GUN

Same features of the TSD 3484 model but with pneumatic welding gun.

Equipo de soldadura por resistencia Tecsolda TSD3450 AIR SPOT GUN

TSD 3450 AIR SPOT GUN. Resistance welding machine with digital control that allows the adjustment of all welding parameters. It can weld on one or two sides with the multifunction gun

Kit consumibles soldadura

Kit RPCA100 included with the Spotter Welders models: TSD270 and TSD390

Carro de transporte para soldadoras Spotter


Removal dent pulling with TSD-Tecsolda products

Reparacion de la carroceria

Car body repair