Spot welder TSD390 PRO

Car Body Repairing Spotter Welder Machine, TSD 390 PRO 3800 A. welding machine

Dent puller welding machine

Equipo para desabollar la carrocería TSD3900-PRO270d
Soldadora Spot TSD390 PRO
Electrodos kit RPCA100 para soldadora TSD3900 PRO

Kit RPCA100 included

The complete and versatile equipment for body shops is a multifunction machine, 3800 A.

Start and go

Technical specifications:

  • Only 2 parameters to select
    – the output power level (amongst 11 levels)
    – the tool which is used (amongst 7 tools)
  • No need to select the welding current and welding time.
  • Manual/automatic triggering.
  • Earth cable 70 mm² (2m long cable).
  • 2 multi functional guns (2m, 70 mm² cables with connector).
  •  Inertia hammer with star, welding of studs, rivets and rings.
  • Contact shrinking, graphite pen.
  • Accessories box with consumables

Technical specifications:

  • Power supply: 230-400V/50-60Hz
  • Delayed fuse:  16A
  • Max. secondary current:  3800A
  • No load voltage:  7,4V
  • Protección type: IP 21
  • weight: 25,5 Kg
  • Dimensions:  225 x 360 x 235 mm

Removal dent pulling with TSD-Tecsolda products

Reparacion de la carroceria

Car body repair