Spot Welding Station TSD 3450

Resistance welding machine with digital control that allows the adjustment of all welding parameters.

Spot welding station

Equipo de soldadura por resistencia Tecsolda TSD3450 AIR SPOT GUN
Spot welding station TSD 3450

The TSD3450 AIR SPOT GUN Can weld on one or two sides with the multifunction gun, weld nails, pointed washers, bolts, etc...


  • Pneumatic gun, 2 m cables.
  • Multifunction gun
  • Kkit with accessories and consumables.

Technical specifications  TSD3450 AIR SPOT GUN:

  • Power supply: 400V/50-60 Hz
  • Power protection (delayed) : 25 A
  • 50% Rated power: 10 kVA
  • Max. welding power: 50 kVA
  • Max secondary current: 8000 A
  • Thermal current 100%: 0,88 kVA
  • Secondary no load voltage: 8 V
  • Welding timing (Cycles): 1-99
  • Weight: 105 kg

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