Spot Welding Stations

Spot welding stations, pneumatic or manual, digital control display, equiped with C or X spot welding gun.

Spot welding stations

TSD 3655 LIGHT. New designed welding station, 13000 A, with inverter technology M.F. 25 KVA. Supplied with accessory kit.

Soldadora por resistencia TSD 3664

TSD 3664P. Advanced resistance welding system approved by car manufacturers. Suitable for body repairs.

Equipo de soldadura TSD BP.LCX-S7

TSD BP.LCX-S7. Spot welding Station, complete set of welding with 2 clamps “X” and “C”. Applies to the electrodes a force of 550 daN and a welding current of 13,000 A.

Completo carro de soldadura trafo TSD BP.LCX - S7

TSD TRAFO IN “C“. Ideal for welding steels with high elastic resistance (THLE / boron steel). Closing force of 550 daN and welding current of 14,500 A.

Reparacion de la carroceria

Car body repair