TSD ALUARC 200 Is a drawn arc welding product developped specially for carbody thin sheets.

Aluminium car body repair

Soldadora TSD ALUARC para soldar acero y aluminio
Aluminum dent pulling TSD ALUARC 200

Caja ojales en aluminio para TSD ALUARC
Box of aluminum washers included.

Its innovative gun is equipped with a high precision linear motor with digital control, which provides refined synergies.
A digital interface provides intuitive and functional navigation between 2 the welding modes:

1- Synergic mode

2- Manual mode for users who require complete control .​

For Aluminium Dent-Pulling, drawn arc welding has several advantages as compared to capacitor discharge technology :

  • Gas protection which prevents contamination of the weld.
  • Deep repair capabilities.
  • Closer Key fitment for stronger pulling capabilities.
  • Reduction in post repair preparation.
  • Excellent Reproduction and reliability process.
  • No impact on the reverse side of the repaired panel.

Datos técnicos

  • Power supply:  110-230V / 50-60Hz.
  • Fuse: 16 A
  • I2 Current:  200A (230V)
  • U2 Voltage: 20,4>28 V
  • Weight:  8,6 Kg
  • Dimensiones:  20,5 x 25 x 33 cm

Removal dent pulling with TSD-Tecsolda products

Reparacion de la carroceria

Car body repair