Dent repair kit

Quick dent repair without painting or polishing – Cold process that does not dilate the sheet or burns the painting

Dent removal kit

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  • PL1001: Glue repair kit
  • PL200: 1 Glue gun
  • PL300: 1 Solvent Spray hot glue
  • PL100: 10 Glue bars (50 units bag)
  • PL400: 1 Glue spatula
  • CAT320: 1 Head for sucker
  • PL650: 1 Dent puller TSD
  • Inside the suitcase: 6 reference for package, each package contains 10 items; PL210: Round glue knob Ø 12, PL220: Round glue knob Ø 23, PL230: Round glue knob Ø 27, PL240: Round glue knob Ø 33, PL250: Round glue knob Ø 41, PL220: Oval glue knob Ø 39×49.

Removal dent pulling with TSD-Tecsolda products

Reparacion de la carroceria

Car body repair