Paintless dent removal systems

TSD-Tecsolda, paintless dent removal system, non-large dent repair caused by hail, small strikes, etc., good dent removal

Dent liner and glue system

Quick dent repair without painting or polishing - Cold process that does not dilate the sheet or burns the painting

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  • PL270: Flat pulling knobs
  • PL271: Flat pulling knobs L
  • PL272: Flat pulling knobs S
  • PL273: Convex pulling knobs  S
  • PL274: Flat pulling knobs
  • PL275: Convex pulling knobs S
  • PL276: Convex pulling knobs L
  • PL278: Lifting rod
  • PL101: Yellow glue for wide surfaces
  • PL100: White glue bars

Removal dent pulling with TSD-Tecsolda products

Reparacion de la carroceria

Car body repair