Dent Pullers

TSD-Tecsolda supplies a wide range of accessories and tools for car body repair shops.

Car body repair accessories

Accesorios para desabollar la carroceríaa

TSD-Tecsolda products to repair sheet metal dents. We have a wide range of accessories for body repair shops.

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  • CAT400: Estirador chapa MULTI PULL TSD
  • CAV020 y 98723001 Dispensadores de arandelas
  • CAT450: Estirador chapa aluminio ALU PULLER
  • CAT310: Cabezal para aluminio
  • CAT320: Cabezal para ventosas
  • CAT 330: Cabezal para arandelas
  • CAT500: Pistola monopunto  QUICK SPOT AIR GUN
  • CAT501: Pistola SPOT AIR GUN
  • CAV130: Kit 16 alicates de bloqueo
  • CAV131: Kit 6 alicates de bloqueo boquilla larga
  • CAV050: Alicate especial MIG-MAG
  • CAV030: Alicate sujeción grapas

Removal dent pulling with TSD-Tecsolda products

Reparacion de la carroceria

Car body repair