REHM TIGER 180DC AC/DC and 230DC AC/DC Welding machines

TIGER 180DC AC / DC AND 230DC AC / DC AC / DC inverter welding equipment with TIG welding capability, simple control panel with a single knob to set welding parameters

Industrial welders at the forefront of technology and performance for perfect optimization of time and work.

Equipos de soldadura inverter AC/DC V
REHM TIGER 180DC Inverter Welder

AC/DC inverter welding equipment with TIG welding capability

Panel de control Tiger 180DC y 230DC-230
Tiger Series Control Panel

The control panel with a single knob clearly indicates all the selected settings, allowing easy reading and quick localization of the parameters that you want to set.

See technical data below

REHM TIGER 180DC AC/DC Y 230DC AC/DC Description

  • Up to 100m of Power cable extension without loss of power, It allows connection to GENERATOR and up to 380V WITHOUT causing a failures.
  • Low consumption function for use in home networks (16 amps).
    Selectable TIG function with high frequency or Lift-Arc, 2 and 4 times.
  • PULSE TIG function for use in thin thicknesses and difficult positions.
  • FREQUENCY PRESSED UP TO 17,000Hz function especially for STAINLESS STEEL 99 MEMORIES for recording settings in repetitive works (ULTRA only)
  • ALUMINUM welding capacity (AC/DC models only)
  • AC welding frequency adjustment (ULTRA AC/DC models only), Half cycle balance adjustment 80% (AC / DC models only)
  • Formidable arc start in ALUMINUM (only AC/DC models).
  • DUAL-WAVE by REHM, improves AC arc control (ULTRA AC/DC models only).
  • SPOT working mode, always the same points without burning or dilating, current and pre-gas start ramp settings, current and post-gas drop ramp settings.
  • Arc-Force (ensures arc stability with all types of electrode)
  • Anti-Stick (anti-stick electrodes).
  • Hot-Start (ensures vigorous starting).
  • Electrodes up to 3.25 – 4 mm
  • Optional possibility to use with manual or pedal remote control
  • Fan self-regulating speed to the need for cooling.
  • Optional liquid cooling.
  • Weight less than 8kg

More information and technical data of the TIGER 180DC and 230DC in the datasheet.

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