Rehm INVERTIG.PRO Welding machine

INVERTIG.PRO COMPACT DIGITAL DC-AC. Three-phase TIG welding machine, equipped with a regulation assistant: only by indicating the metal and the thickness to welded (stainless steel, (CrNi) steel or aluminum), you already have the correct welding adjust.

Industrial TIG - MMA welders at the forefront of technology and performance

Equipo de soldadura TIG-MMA Soldadora invertig Rehm distribuida por TSD-Tecsolda


The INVERTIG.PRO DIGITAL TRANSTIG (DC) – INVERTIG (AC/DC) range covers all needs for TIG welding in any stainless steel, heavy iron or non-ferrous metal, high and low alloy steel or, where appropriate, aluminum . The range of powers offers you the best option for each application, both for use in manual welding and in welding with an automation.

Main features

  • Three-phase machines at 400V for TIG and electrode welding.
  • 240, 280, 350 and 450 amp models for DC and AC / DC.
  • Optional water cooling.100% Duty Cycle.
  • PULSE TIG function for thin thicknesses and difficult positions.
  • HYPERPULSE function (up to 15,000Hz special for INOX).
  • REGULATION ASSIST function for quick regulation.
  • SOLDERING TIPS Function with gas recommendation.
    filler rod, ceramic size and tungsten sharpening on every work.
  • Selectable TIG function with high frequency or Lift-Arc, 2T and 4T (times).
  • Current, pre and post-gas ramp adjustments.
  • Optional possibility to use with manual or pedal remote control.
  • Remote control from TIG torch.
  • ALUMINUM welding capacity (AC/DC models only).
  • Semi-cycle balance adjustment 80% (AC/DC models only).
  • Formidable ALUMINUM arc ignition even with contaminated or damaged tungsten electrode (AC/DC models only).
  • REHM’s DUAL-WAVE improves arc control (AC/DC models only).
  • 1,000 MEMORIES for recordings of adjustments in repetitive works.
  • AC welding frequency adjustment (AC/DC models only).
  • Bi-Power-Inverter high frequency system: more power and less weight.
  • Up to 450 Amp Duty cycle factor 100% in generator of 30kg .

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