TSD 4645 - 4646 - 4648 Spot welding machines

Electric resistance and arc welding equipment, MMA, MIG-MAG, TIG, spot welders, spot welding guns, spare parts, consumables and accessories for Industrial welding.

Industrial welders for resistance at the vanguard in technology and performance

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Pneumatic or Mechanical Spot Welding Machines
Refrigerador Beta Producto distribuido por TSD-Tecsolda
BETA Cooler Unit


Decrease drastically the consumption of electrodes and use its more efficiently , especially over galvanized, also extends the life of the machine and consumables without wasting water or energy.

TSD 4645 - 4646 - 4648 Spot welders series

Pneumatic and mechanical Tecna spot welders

  • These resistance welding machines are especially for industrial applications in specific conditions of strong work regime.
  • They are available in mechanical or pneumatic drive versions, as well as with analog or digital welding control.
  • There are three different machine powers, 16 KVA, 20 KVA and 25 KVA.
    They are single-phase and their operating voltage is 380V, and can be delivered at 220V on request.

Spot welding machine with TE101 Digital control

  • Oscillating arm strut with pneumatic pedal and digital control TE101.
  • Adjustable arms in length 230-550mm.
  • Adjustable electrode stroke.
  • Water-cooled transformer encapsulated in epoxy resin.
  • Protection thermostat.
  • Water-cooled arms, electrode holders and electrodes.
  • Electronic power control with electronic thyristors.
  • Pneumatic control pedal that activates the electrodes.
  • Welding cycle drive upon completion of the closing cycle.
  • Double acting cylinder without lubrication to prevent oil mist.
  • It incorporates a pressure reducer, a pressure gauge and a decanter filter for compressed air located in a point protected from possible impacts.
  • Arm opening and closing speed regulator. Discharge silencers to reduce noise to a minimum.
  • Double position pedal. First position, close and tighten; second position, welding.
  • Predisposition for mounting a second pedal. With this option you can use two different regulations of time and current, very useful when it is necessary to weld two points of different regulations on the same piece.
  • Work with single cycle or with automatic.
  • Integrated ammeter.
  • Up to 99 welding programs
  • Regulation of precise times from 0.5 periods.
  • Preheat function.
  • Maximum and minimum current limits.
  • Out of range current warning signal.
  • RS232 data communication

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MIG-MAG, TIG, MMA welding machines for industry

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