Synergic welders TSD 450W and TSD 450W PULSE

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TSD 450W SYNERGIC Welding Machine


Flexibility of use with different materials welded (steel, stainless steel, aluminum) or welded by brazing (galvanized sheets). Wide variety of fields of application, from industry to maintenance, from installation to bodywork interventions. Synergistic regulation makes the product easy to use. ATC technology makes it easy to obtain excellent welds in thin thicknesses thanks to advanced arc control.

  • Manual and synergic operation • 40 prepared synergic curves, possibility to create, save and recall customized welding programs.
  • MIG-MAG regulations: wire rise ramp, electronic reactance, wire end burn time, post gas, 2/4 stroke operation selection, Bi-Level, spot, material thickness in plgds and mm.
  • MMA regulations: hot start, arc force, anti-stick, VRD selection.
  • Protections: thermostatic, voltage rise and fall, current rise, motor-generator (+/- 15%); TIG TIG Lift.Lift.
  • Equipped with torch, and earth cable.

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Soldadora sinérgica TSD 450W SYNERGIC PULSE
TSD 450W SYNERGIC PULSE Welding Machine


Inverter welding machine, with continuous and pulse operation.
Microprocessor controlled MIG-MAG / FLUX multi-process with GAS / BRAZING / MMA / TIG DC-Lift, 4-roll wire feeder.

  • The WAVE OS system allows welding operations to be customized according to user needs: data can be recorded and analyzed by storing it in USB.
  • Simple adjust thanks to the SYNERGIC regulation of the parameters.
  • It can be operated on different welded materials (steel, stainless steel, aluminum), welded copper (galvanized and zinc plated sheets), also in puls and double puls (PULSE and POP) and with advanced welding arches (ROOT-MIG, ATC, DEEP MIG).
  • Equipped with VRD device. Equipped with multiple memorized welding programs.
  • Possibility of saving, tracing and exporting the customized programs that are needed.

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