TSD GOLDmulti 140-2 Welder for industry

TSD GOLDmulti 140-2 welding machine. MIG Welder equipments, MMA, MIG-MAG, TIG, spot welders, spare parts, consumables and accessories for industrial welding.

Industrial MIG - MAG welders in the vanguard of technology and performance

Equipo de soldadura MIG TSD-Tecsolda Gold 140

Semi-automatic MMA welding equipment TSD GOLDmulti 140-2

This multi-process equipment can weld in MIG-MAG or MMA mode.
Its simple adjustment panel allows you to precisely regulate the output voltage and speed of the welding wire.

Ultra light and portable

Ideal for maintenance work, the TSD GOLDmulti 140-2 is recommended for industrial jobs where steel or aluminum can be easily welded.
MIG-MAG torch for steel 150 A and 2.20 mt length included with the equipment.

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MIG-MAG, TIG, MMA welding machines for industry

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