TSD GOLD MULTI 140-2 Welder

TSD GOLD MULTI 140 Semi-automatic equipment combining MIG-MAG, Coated wire and MMA welding processes. Ultra-light, NO GAS, ready to use.

Multiprocess welding equipment

Equipo de soldadura MIG TSD-Tecsolda Gold 140
Soldadora multiproceso TSD GOLD MULTI 140-2

It has an intuitive interface, adjusting the tension and the thread speed is easier. Ultra-light,very easy to carry.

NO GAS ready to weld

  • Weld with cored wise thanks to polarity reversal.
  • Ignore perturbations due to the exterior environment (wind).
  • A better portability thanks to the absence of gas bottles.
  • Ideal for outside work on thin metal sheets.

  • Reinforced mechanical structure.
  • Pads for shock and vibration absorption
    ø100 (1 kg) wire reels.
  • 2 rollers motor
  • Supplied rollers : steel : 0.8 no gas : 0.9


  • Supplied with a removable torch 150 A – 2.20 m fitted for steel.
  • EURO torch for a fast assembly/disassembly

Datos técnicos TSD GOLD MULTI 140-2:

  • power supply: 230V/50-60 Hz
  • Fuse: 16 A
  • Power generator:  8 kW
  • Secondary current MMA:  20 > 120 A
  • Current min>max MIG:  30 >140 A
  • Dimensions:  38 x 16 x 35 cm
  • Weigh: 7,8 kg

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